This website allows you try out an Out-Of-The-Box website from Menapia.  If you sign in you will be able to add and delete your own content.  You will also have access to a restricted restricted set of administration tools, including the ability to change the appearance of the site by selecting various themes.  A number of the most popular add on modules have also been included and have been enabled:

  • Blog: Have one or more blogs on your site, which may be configured to have multiple contributors and configurable comment access.
  • Forum: Have your site host a forum of threaded discussions between the site members.
  • Themes: Users may be configured so as to allow them select from a rang of themes when they edit their account page.
  • Polls: Setup online polls, may be configured so that site users may setup their own polls.
  • Spam Protection: Protects against comment and contact form spam, (high volume commercial sites required to pay small license fee to provider)
  • Profiles: Users have own configurable profile page, may include pictures.
  • Aggregator: Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds) so you may display relevant news items on your site.
  • User Access Control: Permissions for users may graded to may levels, eg: anonymous, authenticated, contributor, moderator, administrator.
  • Open ID: You may configure your site so that users are allowed log into your site using OpenID.
  • Statistics: Logs access statistics for your site.
  • Search: Enables site-wide keyword searching.
  • Advanced Editor: Users may be given access to a simple editor or an advanced editor with an added option of allowing them filtered or full HTML abilities.
  • Upload: User may be allowed to upload images or attachments.
  • Contact Form:  Allow visitors send you an email from your site without having to display your email to potential spammers.

Other features, such as user interface translation and posting tracking for user, are included in the Out-Of-The-Box package, but have not been enabled in this sample site.
Note: This sample site is restored to original state on a regular basis, so any content you add or changes you make will only be temporary.